Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Money Making Machine? 

A: The MMM is IoT-Art which functions as a decentralized server and a digital vault for our fintech Appstore, which offers 10% interest as a default app. 

In simple words: Plug it in, register and Receive 10% interest on your funds. Cash out whenever you want. We will even give you money just to register.

Q: Wait, what? You are going to give me money and give me interest on top of that?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you make the money to do that?

A: We act as an intermediary between you and Fintech services. We are here to give you the best product for your situation. There are many great financial services out there which you are unaware of. These Companies have to pay a lot of money and effort through conventional channels to reach you and show you their service. 

We benchmark these companies on reliability, consumer service, and in general, make sure that your money is safe. In return, we ask them a small fee to be in our AppStore and ecosystem. They have fewer costs than conventional marketing and you get more and better options to make passive income. 

Q: How do I get a Money Making Machine?


A: We are planning to launch in October 2021.

Q: Do I need to store my funds for a minimum period of time?

A: No, our default plan is flexible. You receive interest calculated on a daily base and can withdraw your funds at any moment. 

Q: Is there a minimum deposit?


A: No. 



Q: Are there any hidden fees?


A: No. We don't charge you fees to withdraw and deposit.



Q: I want to know more about your company, where are you from and do you have an office?


A: We are a pan-European company originated from the Netherlands. We have offices across Europe. 


Q: I am from X country, when will you launch the Money Making Machine here?


A: We are high on compliance and want to be fully compliant with your local situation. We are planning to launch in the EU at the end of 2021 and expand to North America and Asia in 2022. 


Q: I want a Money Making Machine or I want to know more:


A: Sign up and we will update you about our progress.